Crestview, Austin, Texas

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Located just north of Austin’s urban core, Crestview is bordered by Anderson Lane, Justin Lane, North Lamar Blvd. and Burnet Road. This delightful neighborhood prides itself on its peaceful, low-key vibe and friendly environment. The neighborhood covers approximately 1.2 square miles and is less than 10 miles from the heart of downtown Austin. Gracefully aged homes, locally-owned businesses and mature trees line the blocks of this wonderful area. While Crestview is home to numerous long-time residents, newcomers are attracted to this community’s close proximity to everything Austin, its quiet atmosphere and tranquil environment. If you are looking for a home with mid-century charm in a welcoming, well-known Austin neighborhood, Crestview has exactly what you are looking for. These unique homes give homebuyers the opportunity to purchase a charming, centrally located home at an affordable price.

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