4 Things You Didn’t Know About Tarrytown

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Little-Known Facts About Tarrytown, Austin, TX
One of the most popular neighborhoods in the Austin area is Tarrytown. Its popularity is due in large part to its location between downtown Austin and Lake Austin and the type of homes that are found throughout. Tarrytown is a great place to live with a lot of history to discover. In that spirit, here are four things that you may not have know about Austin’s Tarrytown neighborhood.

1. Tarrytown has one of oldest and most decorated independent pharmacies in the state. The Tarrytown Pharmacy is the epitome of the quintessential small, neighborhood business. Opened one day before Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Tarrytown Pharmacy has been at the exact same location ever since. The second owners, the Newberry family, have owned the iconic shop for three generations. Nowadays, the Tarrytown Pharmacy is a notable area attraction and great place to fill prescriptions!

2. It’s a progressive beacon of animal rights (sort of). The Tarrytown Shopping Center is notoriously strict on the selling of animal products for consumption. The center’s current owner, Houston, TX resident Jeanne Daniels, took over the shop in the early 2000s and promptly ran all establishments that serve animal meat right out. The biggest casualty of the new no tolerance policy was the iconic Holiday House. The burger shop was frequented by locals and it went out of business due to the policy. Shortly thereafter, a vegetarian cuisine shop opened up.

3. Tarrytown has a dynamic architectural scene. Being a highly affluent area of Austin, several residents have chosen to construct or remodel iconic homes catered to their specific design proclivities. For instance, where else but those old neighborhoods in Old West Austin are you going to discover this fine example of the Medieval revival design style?

4. Tarrytown might be one of Austin’s oldest industrial areas. Located in Reed Park, there is a massive rock and mortar building called a Lime Kiln, which was constructed in 1871 by a former Tarrytown resident. Apparently, Peter C. Taylor was an innovator in the field of Lime Kiln building and received a patent for his triangle support system, which allowed the kilns to withstand constant use. The supports have since deteriorated. It’s said that many of the historic homes in the Tarrytown area are made with the lime manufactured in that very kiln. There’s also a rumor that another, smaller kiln has been seen about a mile south, but reports are not confirmed.

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